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Return Policy

Our Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied, you may return or exchange your purchase within 90 days from the original date of purchase .

All returns/exchanges must be accompanied by the original receipt and any refunds will be made in the original form of payment. Merchandise purchased on a credit card will be refunded to the original card only. Best efforts will be made to refund merchandise purchased on a debit card to the original card. Any amount refunded or credited will be reduced by the pro rata amount of any savings promotions used to purchase the returned/exchanged merchandise.

All refunds require customer name, address and phone number. Any refunds over $50 for non-credit or debit card purchases which could not be refunded to the original card will be paid to you with a check issued from our corporate offices. If register funds are unavailable for refunds under $50, a check will be issued from our corporate offices. All checks will be issued within 10 (ten) business days. Returns/exchanges on altered or worn clothing are subject to store management's sole discretion

Return to a deallmore

You can return items to deallmore Online Store. If you don't know the specific matter, you can contact us online